GOLDSTEIG Industriekauffrau Cham/Plattling, Molkereifachmann/Molkereifachfrau Regensburg, Milchtechnologe/Milchtechnologin Oberpfalz, Mechatroniker/Mechatronikerin Niederbayern

Vocational training

We have already been successfully offering training for a whole variety of vocational jobs for several years in order to secure our expansive development in future too. The aim is to qualify committed employees for future jobs in production and management.

Another aspect is our social responsibility to young people to provide them with sound and challenging training. We are aware of this responsibility and are happy to fulfil it.

From this perspective too, we have already decided on additional pension contributions for our staff. Even during the vocational training we make annual contributions of currently EUR 350.00 to build up the company pension.

There are currently 30 young people at our company undertaking vocational training in the following professions:

Industrial business management assistant
Dairy technologist
Dairy laboratory assistant
Mechatronics engineer

Please address your application to start vocational training in August / September 2013 to:

GOLDSTEIG Käsereien Bayerwald GmbH
Adrian Eibl
Siechen 11
93413 Cham
Tel: +49 (0) 9971/844-1202