Monikas Lieblingsgerichte auf Karte und Monika Gruber auf IPad die GOLDSTEIG Produkte genießt

Moni’s favourite cheese in 4½ courses.

Cook with us and post your results and suggestions on our Facebook timeline and don’t forget to tag the GOLDSTEIG cheese specialities. Click here for our GOLDSTEIG Facebook pagegoes really well with this.

“My motto: try out new recipes!”

“Learn from your mistakes.”

“Be fearless.”

“And first and foremost: have fun!”

Salatteller mit Blaukraut und Bambini Mozzarella Mini von GOLDSTEIG in Limonendressing


Bambini Mini Mozzarella salad with lime dressing and oregano

“As the perfect hostess, there’s always a cold starter of course with me. Ideally one that is quick. And what could be better than a beautifully light salad with a very special touch?”

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Monikas Lieblingsrezept: Tomaten-Petersilienwurzel-Suppe mit Ricotta von GOLDSTEIG in Steintöpfchen mit Schnittlauch


Tomato and parsley root soup with ricotta

“I love tomato soup and am always looking for new ideas for how I can jazz it up. With ricotta, the soup tastes much richer. And it’s healthy too with the parsley roots.”

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Main course

Fruit and vegetable sticks with a mild cheese dip

“I am a fondue fan. It’s quick, you don’t have to prepare much and you can feast perfectly with your friends. The Hot Cheese Pot from GOLDSTEIG is just perfect. Made in no time at all and then easily pimped up with a few delicious ingredients. It doesn’t get better and easier than that!”

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Monikas Lieblingsrezept: Marzipan-Mascarpone-Ricotta-Creme mit Beerentoping in Glas auf Moos in Holzkiste


Marzipan, mascarpone and ricotta cream with berry ragout

“Done! I now declare Happy Hour open! With my Bambini cocktail!“

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Happy Hour

Cocktail with Bambini Mini Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes stick and tomato sauce

“Done! I now declare Happy Hour open! With a Bambini Mini Mozzarellacocktail creation by Andreas Meier especially for me! PS: You can take a glimpse behind the scenes here.”

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