Mozzarella Rezepte von Andreas Meier - GOLDSTEIG

Mozzarella recipes

Andreas Meier has created exclusive mozzarella recipes for GOLDSTEIG. Here he tell us what makes these dishes so special and where he gets his inspiration from.

Mozzarella, a success!

Mozzarella has long been one of the most successful types of cheese in Germany. And in fact it is becoming more and more popular! The number of delicious mozzarella recipes is of course also increasing as a result. Whether it’s cold or hot dishes, mozzarella can be used in a variety of ways and doesn’t just taste good in slices with tomato, basil, salt and pepper.

The herb chef Andreas Meier has created delicious mozzarella recipes exclusively for GOLDSTEIG and talks about what makes the dishes so special, why he likes cooking with GOLDSTEIG’s mozzarella slices and where he gets his inspiration for cooking, among other things. Be inspired and simply cook the delicious recipes yourself.

Caprese with tomatoes and basil is probably the most famous recipe nevertheless. Simply drain the mozzarella for this and cut it into slices. Wash the tomatoes and slice them too. Wash the basil and drain it well. Arrange them together on a plate and season as required with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Andreas Meier - mozzarella recipes - GOLDSTEIG

Andreas Meier:

“The quality of the mozzarella, is absolutely crucial for a successful mozzarella, recipe. What I really like about the mozzarella, from GOLDSTEIG is the structure. It is really easy to work with thanks to it being so creamy, succulent and smooth. And the Bambini Mini Mozzarella from GOLDSTEIG are generally very popular: the small, lovely balls taste delicious as a snack but also marinated as they can absorb the flavour of the seasoning.”

About the chef

Mozzarella Rezept von Andreas Meier - Bambini Mini Salat

Herbs and cheese – a dream team for any mozzarella recipe

Mini Mozzarella Salat mit Limonendressing - GOLDSTEIG

Bambini Mini Mozzarella salad with lime dressing and oregano

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian

To the recipe

“The small Bambini Mini Mozzarella from GOLDSTEIG are perfect for marinating in Italian herbs, in this case in oregano. With this mozzarella recipe the Bambini Mini Mozzarella absorb the flavour of the oregano and lime dressing. This dish is also suitable for barbecues. The Bambini salad is the ideal fresh side dish for a juicy steak and as it’s vegetarian everyone is guaranteed to benefit from it! And the Bambini Mini Mozzarella look good in any case!”

Blattsalat mit in Passionsfruchtdressing eingelegtem Mozzarella Rezept - GOLDSTEIG

The combination makes the perfect mozzarella recipe!

Blattsalat und Passionsfruchtdressing - Mozzarella Rezept

Green salad with mozzarella marinated in passion fruit dressing

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian

To the recipe

“With this mozzarella recipe I really liked the passion fruit, which goes perfectly in particular with the nuts underneath it. The nuts contribute to the fruit not being too overbearing. Add to this the mild flavour of mozzarella, and we have an ideal combination in this mozzarella recipe that doesn’t just taste good but is also fantastically easy to make.”

Tomatensalat Cashew-Ricotta-Marinade Mini Bambini Mozzarella Rezept

Like Yin and Yang!

Tomato salad with cashew and ricotta marinade and Bambini Mini Mozzarella

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian

To the recipe

“Sometimes tomatoes have the problem that they’re very watery. So I tried to create a stable basis with the ricotta . The roasted cashew nuts give the whole thing a wonderful soft touch. The Bambini Mini Mozzarella from GOLDSTEIG go really well with the ricotta . The Bambini Mini Mozzarella stand out from the ricotta, and they have a different consistency, which then brings the whole dish alive. You could say they are the counterpart in the dish, like yin and yang, which you always have to have when cooking.”

Gefülltes Pita-Fladenbrot Chinakohl, Mozzarella Rezept - GOLDSTEIG

An ideal snack for between meals!

Pita-Fladenbrot mit Chinakohl, Mozzarella Rezept

Stuffed pitta bread with Chinese cabbage, mozzarella and mild cheese sauce

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian

To the recipe

“With this mozzarella recipe I combined the mozzarella, with GOLDSTEIG’sHot Cheese Pot”. I thought the rather subtle flavour of the mozzarella, can be supported well by the mild taste of the “Hot Cheese Pot”. Add to this the fresh Chinese cabbage as a filling and the pitta bread as a crispy shell round the outside. By the way, you can also warm the pitta bread up on the barbecue. This makes it even more crispy and keeps the cheese nice and runny. With this mozzarella recipe you conjure up the ideal snack for between meals, kind of a healthy kebab!”

Scholle mit Scheiben von Mozzarella Rezept

Opposites attract!

Scholle mit Mozzarella-Scheiben - Mozzarella Rezept

Plaice with mozzarella slices

  • Up to 30 min.
  • Normal

To the recipe

“With this mozzarella recipe wild garlic, a naturally very strong herb, is the counterpart to the tomato quarter’s acidity. When mozzarella,, which has a rather lighter taste, is added too, this goes really well with trout. The creaminess of this mozzarella, is really bombastic. It isn’t tough and turns really smooth when heated up, as the mozzarella, from GOLDSTEIG really is the best!”

Mozzarella Kugel und Mini Mozzarella mit Basilikum und Cherry Tomaten

Versatile to use:

mozzarella, is suitable as both a side and main dish. You can add mozzarella, to anything. As a filling, oven-baked dishes or in combination with wild herbs. As a result of its mild taste, mozzarella, carries the flavour of the wild herbs really well. Wild garlic, roasted nettle seeds or chickweed are made to be combined with mozzarella,as they give the mozzarella, a totally different flavour. It is really important not to forget the acidity too, as I’ve already said, yin and yang. Tomato is often used as the acidic part, which is why the tomato and mozzarella combination is also so popular.”