Goldsteig Wanderweg - wandern

Hiking on the GOLDSTEIG hiking trail

The new quality "GOLDSTEIG" hiking trail leads through 660 kilometres of the Bavarian Forest and the Oberpfälzer Forest on various routes.

Goldsteig wandern - Qualitätsweg

The GOLDSTEIG hiking trail has been certified by the German hiking association and meets its quality criteria in terms of the trails' condition, natural beauty, cultural sights and the trails' signposting system.

The GOLDSTEIG hiking trail leads along a route through the Oberpfälzer Forest and via two trail options through the Bavarian Forest to Passau. The southern route of the GOLDSTEIG hiking trail takes one through the higher peaks of the onset of the Bavarian Forest, the other one, the northern option of the GOLDSTEIG takes one over the more than 1,000 metre high Tausender mountains of the Bavarian Forest and through the Bavarian Forest National Park.

Goldsteig Wanderkarte - Bayerischer Wald - GPS
Streckenführung des GOLDSTEIG


If you decide on the GOLDSTEIG Trail, you will be able to enjoy five National Parks and consequently the very different natures of the Oberpfälzer and Bavarian Forests.

You can find all the information about the GOLDSTEIG hiking trail, accommodation, hiking opportunities and news, as well as leaflets and information material on the GOLDSTEIG - Hiking website.

Goldsteig Wandern - Blick zum Kaitersberg
Blick vom Kaitersberg
Goldsteig Wandern - Blick zur Kötztinger Hütte
Blick auf die Kötztinger Hütte
Goldsteig Wanderweg
Goldsteig Wandern
Goldsteig Wandern - Wegweiser