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GOLDSTEIG - a premium brand that promises taste enjoyment and reliability.


  1. GOLDSTEIG offers a variety of exclusive cheese specialities from Bavaria.

  2. GOLDSTEIG only processes pure natural milk from an ecologically and geographically preferred region: the Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest.

  3. GOLDSTEIG'S milk suppliers are also the owners of the dairy. They identify with the company and the quality of the products for which they stand.

  4. GOLDSTEIG produces in one of Europe's most modern dairies.

  5. All GOLDSTEIG products are produced taking into account the latest nutritional physiological knowledge.

Natural direct from farmers

The promise of "Natural direct from farmers" emphasises both the brand's natural origins and its agricultural identity. At the same time it stands for the trust that you can place in our raw materials and products.

Excellent quality milk, the primitiveness and purity of the land and the GOLDSTEIG cheese masters' wealth of experience is what makes the valuable raw material of milk produced by our farmers into indulgent Bavarian cheese specialities that meet the highest standards of taste and quality.

The name "GOLDSTEIG" stands for premium Bavarian products and state of the art production methods. For you our customers this not only means the supreme taste enjoyment you have become accustomed to, but also the excellent reliability.

The GOLDSTEIG logo with unmistakeable mountains in the Bavarian diamond look are evidence of the regional origins and emphasise the expertise in cheese. The cooperative farmers guarantee top quality with the blue GOLDSTEIG seal of quality.