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Our mission statement

All for the region. The region for all.

"The Green Roof of Europe", that's what Central Europe's largest contiguous forest area is called. Where the Oberpfälzer, Bavarian and Bohemian forests meet, surrounded by rich meadows and almost totally unspoilt forests, that is where all 3,500 GOLDSTEIG farmers are also at home.

Each one of them is totally committed to using nature sustainably and at the same time undertakes to treat the region's raw materials responsibly. It is precisely this personal responsibility that provides the right conditions for the appropriate livestock rearing of healthy cows and for the best pure natural milk.

The GOLDSTEIG farmers are also not just responsible for producing our specialities but they also significantly contribute to our business decisions. As a strong, committed community they not only identify with the region but also feel a close loyalty to the company.

However, the advantages the "Green Roof of Europe" offers with its primitiveness, purity and naturalness not only benefit people in the region. In fact, the GOLDSTEIG dairies feel committed to ensuring that as many gourmets as possible, both national and international, benefit from the region's uniqueness as well as the quality of its raw materials.

Good is not good enough for us.

The name "GOLDSTEIG" stands for premium Bavarian products and state of the art production methods. For our customers this not only means the supreme taste enjoyment but also the reliable guarantees in terms of origin, quality and taste.

We are constantly investing in new technologies and ideas. GOLDSTEIG produces in one of Europe's most modern dairies taking into account the latest nutritional physiological knowledge and using milk produced by our dairy farmers. In doing so, our controls are based on the highest hygiene requirements and quality standards. A smooth running organisation, forward-thinking management and the use of the best available technologies are the framework necessary for this.

Since quality assurance is a top priority, GOLDSTEIG introduced the HACCP control system, which is constantly being expanded and optimized, long before the legislator made it mandatory. With the "IFS Higher Level" certification we also meet one of the most important standards to ensure product quality and safety in the food industry. GOLDSTEIG is also certified for organic milk in accordance with the EU Regulation on Organic Farming.

Natural tastes best.

Our motto "Natural direct from farmers" is not an empty promise by us. GOLDSTEIG premium products are exclusively natural produced cheese specialities with genuine guarantee of origin. We collect the milk for this fresh and gently process it in our dairies. We ensure that all the valuable nutrients in the milk are preserved.

Our new products with no genetic engineering promise a very special natural treat. "No genetic engineering" means that our certified cooperative farmers meet all the legal requirements. No genetically modified feed, no genetically modified plants. As a result the various naturally grown species are preserved in the long-term and natural products result from the raw material of milk in gentle production processes.

Sustainable farming, the careful use of resources, avoiding unnecessary packaging and long transport are just as important to GOLDSTEIG. This not only guarantees reduced pollutant emissions but also that all GOLDSTEIG products are totally fresh.

Besides our social, economic, ecological and quality commitments we have also set ourselves clear targets to save energy. We are aware that our business significantly affects the energy balance. It is therefore our duty, from our joint responsibility towards mankind and the environment, to reduce energy consumption to a minimum using sophisticated, efficient processes.