What does… actually mean?

“No animal feed from overseas”?

Our Bavarian milk suppliers who are also the owners of our dairy at the same time, produce most of the animal feed that the dairy cows are fed with themselves. Our milk suppliers buy in a small portion of the required animal feed. The bought in animal feed is individual feed like grain or animal feed with additives, e.g. vitamins.

In our animal feed standard we specify that all individual animal feed must come from Europe. The only exception is minerals, which are an extremely small percentage of the daily animal reed ratio at roughly 1.5%. Many minerals also cannot be farmed and extracted in Europe.

Sustainability by conviction

With our high standard for animal feed we want to express our loyalty and ties to the “Bavarian Forest” region where our milk comes from. We reject the worldwide transport of animal feed from overseas for social and ecological reasons and also place importance on sustainability with animal feed. We support our Bavarian milk suppliers with constantly updated information on the animal feed standard and a detailed list regarding the purchasing animal feed properly (including animal feed that is not allowed to be used). The SGS Fresenius and Lacon certification bodies regularly and independently monitor that the farmers comply with the animal feed regulations.

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