GOLDSTEIG Käsespezialitäten - Monika Gruber - Aufreißer - Mozzarella - Emmentaler hauchdünn

A real Bavarian treat from the "Green Roof of Europe". In the core no genetic engineering range.

Experience the variety of GOLDSTEIG specialities: the core no genetic engineering range with mozzarella, emmental, almdammer and soft cheeses. As well as all the other products made by us; ricotta, mascarpone, butter and cream. Natural specialities direct from farmers and always a treat of course.

"Ofengold" - fine gourmet cheese for the oven

GOLDSTEIG Heißes Käsetöpfchen Mild Pikant Paprika-Chili Ofenkäse Kaesefondue

Now NEW - “Ofengold” - Gourmetcheese for the oven from GOLDSTEIG -always a delight.
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Goldsteig Mozzarella

Its naturalness, flavour and quality are what make GOLDSTEIG mozzarella, part of the core no genetic engineering range, into one of the most popular mozzarella in the whole of Germany.

Emmental hard cheese

Goldsteig Emmentaler

Natural tastes best: enjoy our nutty, mild emmental from Bavaria, in the core no genetic engineering range.

Almdammer semi-hard cheese

Goldsteig Almdammer Schnittkäse

Almdammer cheese, part of the core no genetic engineering range, is made without any additives and is naturally lactose-free. It has a smooth consistency and aromatic, mild flavour.

Red mould cheese

GOLDSTEIG Limburger - der Kräftige ohne Gentechnik

Limburger - mild and spicy from GOLDSTEIG.


Soft spreadable butter from GOLDSTEIG.

Mascarpone / Ricotta

Goldsteig Mascarpone und Ricotta ohne Gentechnik

Ricotta and mascarpone from GOLDSTEIG, Italian style indulgence.