Goldsteig Frischkäse Mascarpone Ricotta ohne Gentechnik

Mascarpone / Ricotta

Mascarpone and ricotta are the most famous Italian style cream cheeses. The starting point for our GOLDSTEIG cream cheese is pasteurised cow's milk, which we refine into delicious specialities using modern production methods.

Whilst the mild, creamy mascarpone is made with sweet cream, you mainly need whey to make ricotta, which is added to fresh milk and cream. Ricotta is therefore also called whey cheese.

GOLDSTEIG MASCARPONE tastes creamy, fresh, milky and is extremely easy to spread. It is therefore not only ideal for the very classic preparation of desserts like tiramisu but it is also a real treat as a sandwich spread with savoury spices. Mascarpone can also be used as a topping for oven baked pasta and to refine soups or sauces.

GOLDSTEIG RICOTTA is a creamy, mild cream cheese with a consistency similar to cottage cheese, which can be used in hot and cold dishes, from pastries to sauces and desserts.

Mascarpone Becher

Mascarpone Pot
250 g, 500 g
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Ricotta Pot
250 g
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GOLDSTEIG Mascarpone 2kg ohne Gentechnik

Mascarpone Tub
2 kg
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GOLDSTEIG Ricotta Schale

Ricotta Bowl
1.5 kg
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