Almdammer semi-hard cheese

Almdammer, that's the name of the tasty semi-hard cheese specialities from GOLDSTEIG.

Our Almdammer semi-hard cheese has a smooth consistency and aromatic, mild flavour. All Almdammer cheese from GOLDSTEIG is naturally lactose-free as a result of its maturity.

The semi-hard cheese is popular for breakfast and in sandwiches. It can also be used extremely well in salads or as a topping for baking (gratins).

Goldsteig Almdammer Stück 250g

Almdammer Cheese Wedge
250 g
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Goldsteig Almdammer in Scheiben Schnittkäse 150g

Almdammer Cheese Slices
150 g
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Goldsteig Almdammer hauchdünne Scheiben 125g

Wafer-Thin Almdammer Cheese Slices
125 g
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Goldsteig Almdammer Riegel Schnittkäse

Almdammer Cheese Block
approx. 2.5 kg
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