Aktionen und Neues präsentiert von Monika Gruber

Monika Gruber - a Bavarian original

The famous and popular Bavarian comedian Monika Gruber is the new brand ambassador for GOLDSTEIGgoes really well with this.

Monika Gruber Unterschrift auf weißem Hintergrund und rotem Abdruck Kussmund


She was born near Erding and grew up on her parent’s farm in Tittenkofen.

After attending the Ruth von Zerboni drama school in Munich’s Grünwald, she launched her career as a comedian with her character “waitress Monique” for the BR TV channel’s comedy sketch series “Kanal Fatal”. Followed by the Bavarian comedy series “Die Komiker” (BR).

Monika Gruber finally really achieved her breakthrough with her extremely successful solo programmes:

  • “Kellnerin Monique: Schmeckt’s ned?”
  • Hauptsache g’sund!
  • Zu wahr, um schön zu sein
  • Wenn ned jetzt, wann dann!
  • Irgendwas is’ immer

In the meantime she can regularly be seen on TV and at the cinema in various guest appearances, she has written a book and has already received several awards, such as the “Bavarian TV Award” in the Entertainment category, Comedian.

Seven questions for Monika Gruber

A good day at work begins ...?

... hopefully not too early and with 1 litre of warm water ...

What is the most fun thing about your job?

The interaction with the audience: Because I LOVE my audience, I don’t like the people!

In what country would you like to live and why?

Apart from Bavaria, the most beautiful country in the world, if I had to choose one, then in Italy.

What does your role as brand ambassador mean to you?

Because GOLDSTEIG is a milk cooperative, in a way I am directly representing the farmers and the farming community in the things I do in my role as brand ambassador, and it is an honour for me to do it.

How do you relax in your free time?

By simply doing nothing, in Bavaria we say "Kaasweckerl-Schaun".

When do you turn off your mobile phone?

Always on Sundays and when I am enjoying a meal with friends.

What role does milk play in your life?

I travel a lot and that is why I only buy things that keep for a long time and that I always find tasty, that means that in addition to Prosecco, I also have milk, cheese and yoghurt at home.
Bild von Monika Gruber in einem iPad, sie rauft sich die Haare und schaut mit erstauntem Blick in die Kamera

More about Monika Gruber

You can find information about Monika Gruber, her new “Wahnsinn!” 2017/18 tour with dates and much more info on Moni’s websitegoes really well with this. Have fun!

Moni’s website