Käsefondue Sortiment von GOLDSTEIG in Papiertüte mit Baguette und Sonnenbrille

The slightly different cheese fondue from GOLDSTEIG

GOLDSTEIG’s “Hot Cheese Pot” is a very special cheese speciality: a delicious cheese dip that can be made quickly in the microwave or oven.

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You can buy the "Heißes Käsetöpfchen" here:
Available now throughout Germany at all Globus branches and throughout Bavaria at all real branches.
You can also get it in South Bavaria at EDEKA and at EDEKA Minden-Hannover.

In addition, the "Heiße Käsetöpfchen" are available at leckerposten.de.

Heißes Käsetöpfchen mild von GOLDSTEIG mit Brett, Brot und Wein im Hintergrund. Gabeln mit Brot und zulaufenem Käse. Laktosefrei und Vegetarisch

Mild Hot Cheese Pot, 180 g

The Mild Hot Cheese Pot is a special GOLDSTEIG creation. With its mild flavour, the hot cheese dip goes perfectly with baguette and potatoes but also with grapes or prawns. There are no limits to the imagination!

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Heißes Käsetöpfchen Paprika Chilli, Käsefondue von GOLDSTEIG mit Brett, Brot und Wein im Hintergrund. Gabeln mit Brot und zulaufenem Käse. Laktosefrei und Vegetarisch

Pepper and Chilli Hot Cheese Pot, 180 g

The Pepper and Chilli Hot Cheese Pot impresses with its spicy flavour. Combined with baguette, prawns or even exotic fruits, the hot cheese dip is a real explosion of flavours that is quick to prepare.

Product details & recipes

Mozzarella Rezepte präsentiert von Kräuterkoch Andreas Meier in seiner Küche

Andreas Meier recommends!

Surprise your friends and family with these exceptional cheese fondue recipes, created exclusively by our herb chef Andreas Meiergoes really well with this. You can find even more delicious recipes here:

Overview of recipes

Käsefondue Rezept: Roastbeef mit feinem Paprika-Chili-Käse Dip in Gusspfanne mit Essstäbchen

Roast beef with delicious pepper, chilli and cheese dip

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Lactose-free

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Mozzarella Rezept: Pita-Fladenbrot mit Chinakohl, Mozzarella und feiner Käsesoße von GOLDSTEIG auf Schieferplatte

Stuffed pitta bread with Chinese cabbage, mozzarella and mild cheese sauce

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian

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Käsefondue Rezept: Obst und Gemüsesticks in Schüsseln mit feinem Käsedip von GOLDSTEIG in Gusspfanne auf Holzbrett

Fruit and vegetable sticks with a mild cheese dip

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian
  • Lactose-free

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Mozzarella Käsefacts präsentiert vm GOLDSTEIG Käsemeister mit einem Stück Emmentaler in der Goldsteig Käserei

Fascinating facts about the cheese fondue!

Presented by our GOLDSTEIG cheese master

Cheesy Holiday!

Cheese fondue has its own public holiday in the USA

Fleischfackeln in Käsefondue von GOLDSTEIG auf Holztisch

When you think of cheese fondue , the first things that spring to mind are Switzerland and France. But perhaps we are forgetting a real admirer! The Americans appear to like is so much that they dedicate a special public holiday to it, “National Cheese Fondue Day”.

The 11 April was selected to celebrate the “National Cheese Fondue Day”.  As with many of the curious American public holiday it is unknown who introduced this and why the 11 April in particular is the day in honour of the cheese fondue. But even if the story of how the “National Cheese Fondue Day” came about is unclear, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate this wonderful fondue!

A hot tip:

enjoy a cheese fondue with grapes, pears etc.

Obstkorb mit Birnen und Trauben auf grüner Wiese

With the classic cheese fondue you dip white bread like baguette and ciabatta (ideally one day old) in the hot cheese. Boiled potatoes are also perfect for dunking in. The wonderful thing about the cheese fondue though is that you can try out new different flavours time and time again. In particular, succulent fruit in cheese fondue is becoming more and more popular as the fruit acids result in an exciting combination of flavours with the cheese.

For example, why not try grapes, apple slices, pear chunks, plums, figs or exotic fruits like pineapple or physalis and be surprised by the new variations! Vegetables are a tasty version for anyone who doesn’t like things quite as fruity. Whether it’s courgettes, mushrooms, pearl onions, gherkins, olives, peppers or cocktail tomatoes, a cheese fondue invites you to experiment together. A tip for a cheese fondue evening with family or friends: prepare both bread and fruit and vegetables . So there’s sure to be something for all tastes. And don’t forget to set a “punishment” beforehand for anyone who loses their food in it. Have fun!

Makes you melt

The fondue’s French origins

Brotspieß mit Käse aus Käsefondue von GOLDSTEIG mit Einfärbung in den französischen Nationalfarben

The cheese fondue or “fondue du fromage’s” French origins can be surmised from its name alone. The name “fondue” is derived from the French word “fondre”, which means as much as “to melt”.

However, as it is well-known that French is not just spoken in France, Switzerland also comes into question as the country of origin and cheese nation at the same time. There are many legends surrounding the story of where fondue comes from and it is still not clarified today whether France or Switzerland can proudly call itself the country of origin.

One legend says that monks cam up with the idea of melting cheese during Lent so that it was no longer considered as solid food and could also be eaten without any problems during Lend. It is also interesting that cheese fondue only became a national dish once it was added to the Swiss Army cookbook. Regardless of who ultimately invented the cheese fondue , we are very grateful to them for this delicious dish!

Best friends!

Why cheese fondue encourages socialising

Reich gedeckter Tisch mit Käsefondue von GOLDSTEIG in Geselligkeit

Cheese fonduegoes really well with this. This means spending a wonderful time with lovely people in a cosy, warm and familiar setting. Chatting, laughing and indulging dipping a piece of bread in the hot pot full of delicious cheese. Cheese fondue and socialising are directly related to each other, as fondue simply does not work without socialising. In the summer we barbecue together outdoors and in the winter we sit together over the cheese fonduegoes really well with this.

Even when you’re preparing it you usually are not alone in the kitchen. Slicing up the bread, preparing the cheese and enjoy a fine drop of wine with it – all of this is clearly much more fun in company. The Swiss Army recognised this too and often used fondue in the military kitchen for the purpose of “peace building”. The pot that can be used equally by everyone involved, naturally positively contributes to the socialising too. It is not by chance that cheese fondue is an all-time favourite for sociable occasions like Christmas, New Year’s Eve or parties.