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GOLDSTEIG – Germany’s longest hiking trail

GOLDSTEIG Käsereien are not just celebrating 25 years in 2017 but the GOLDSTEIG hiking trail is also celebrating its 10th anniversary and offering a number of events and guided tours. The perfect reason to try out a beautiful route on the Goldsteig, our partner! Find out more at

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Wandersaison Tour 1 - GOLDSTEIG Käsespezialitäten

Erleben Sie Natur pur auf der Falkenberg-Neuhaus GOLDSTEIG N03

Wandersaison Tour 1 - GOLDSTEIG Käsespezialitäten

Länge: 14 km, Dauer: 04:30, Höhenmeter: 343 km

Wandersaison - GOLDSTEIG Käsespezialitäten

Die Karte der GOLDSTEIG-N03-Route

Tour 1: The interesting GOLDSTEIG route for beginners

With the 1,000 year old castle, a rocking stone and a historical Zoigl beer brewery, Falkenberg is perfect for a small walk around town. At the Hammermühle mill, the Waldnaabtal becomes a nature reserve offering approx. 180 hectares of pure outdoor adventures: the pathway along the riverbank between Blockhütte and Neuhaus is a real adventure playground where information boards tell you about legends and castles, from the 12 km long canyon up to the 40 m high granite rock is more than impressive, the Blockhütte with beer garden idyllically situated under old chestnut trees and the waterwheel on the Waldnaab riverbank invite you to take a break (closed on Mondays). You can find out where to go from there on!

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The mountains are calling!

Wandersaison Tour 2 - GOLDSTEIG Käsespezialitäten

Freuen Sie sich auf spannende Ausblicke vom Gipfel auf der Route Goldsteig N21 Haldmühle - Breitenberg

Wandersaison Tour 2 - GOLDSTEIG Käsespezalitäten

Länge: 23 km, Dauer: 06:45, Höhenmeter: 704 hm

Wandersaison Tour 2 - GOLDSTEIG Käsespezialitäten

Die Karte der GOLDSTEIG-N21-Route

Tour 2: A unique adventure for experienced hikers

Haidmühle - Breitenberg: the Goldsteig runs below Haidmühle (1 km) towards the former lock at the foot of the Dreisessel mountain before it leads hikers to the next climb. The view from the peak of the Dreisessel mountain is the reward for the very steep section in the last third. After topping up their energy levels at the Schutzhaus, hikers have one of the most beautiful and interesting sections of the Goldsteig ahead of them: the Adalbert Stifter climb leads us over the boulder-strewn Steinernes Meer with its huge rock slabs and granite blocks. You can find out where to go from there on!

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Wandersaison: Zwei Wanderer machen am Gipfel Pause mit Emmentaler von GOLDSTEIG

Cheese is the perfect snack for sporty explorers