Almdammer Stück von GOLDSTEIG in Verpackung auf Holztisch

Almdammer Cheese Block, 250 g

The aromatic, mild flavoured Almdammer Cheese Block is easy to slice and portion and versatile to use thanks to its smooth consistency.

Almdammer Stück von GOLDSTEIG mit Gänseblumchen
Vegetarischer Käse

Vegetarian cheese

All the cheeses made by us are suitable for lacto-ovo-vegetarians and lacto-vegetarians due to the exclusive use of microbial rennet (no animal rennet). All the cheeses have been certified by the VEBU (Vegetarierbund Deutschland e. V.) and are therefore allowed to carry the V-Label (quality seal for vegetarian products).

Von Natur aus laktosefrei

Naturally lactose-free

Thanks to the natural maturing of hard cheese (Emmental), semi-hard cheese (Almdammer) and soft cheese (Limburger), the lactose in cow’s milk is degraded to such an extent that the lactose content is less than 0.1% in many of our cheese specialities.

Therefore many people who suffer from lactose intolerance can safely eat our cheese specialities.

Ohne Gentechnik

No genetic engineering

The “No genetic engineering” seal is issued by the “Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e.V.” association. The aim is to support and promote the production of food with no genetic engineering and educate consumers.

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Ausgezeichnet vom SGS Institut Fresenius

Awarded by SGS Institut Fresenius

This seal of quality is how the SGS Institut Fresenius documents outstanding efforts for quality and safety:

  • made from Bavarian milk
  • Our dairy cows are not given any animal feed from overseas

in accordance with the GOLDSTEIG requirement

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  • Awarded by SGS Institut Fresenius
  • Made from Bavarian milk
  • Our dairy cows are not given any animal feed from overseas*
  • Vegetarian
  • No genetic engineering
  • Naturally lactose-free
  • Superb source of calcium and protein
  • Full fat

*In accordance with the GOLDSTEIG requirement

Ingredients / Nutritional information
Pasteurised cow’smilk, lactic acid bacteria cultures, salt, microbial rennet
Average nutritional values per 100 g Almdammer Cheese Wedge
Energy1494 kJ / 359 kcal
of which saturated fatty acids
27.0 g 
19.0 g
of which sugars
<0.1 g
<0.1 g
Protein29.0 g
Salt0.80 g
Mozzarella Rezepte präsentiert von Kräuterkoch Andreas Meier in seiner Küche

Andreas Meier recommends!

Surprise your friends and family with these exceptional Protinella recipes, created exclusively by our herb chef Andreas Meiergoes really well with this. You can find even more delicious recipes here:

Overview of recipes

Almdammer Rezept Gebackenes Hähnchen mit Semmel-Almdammer-Füllung und Kräuter von GOLDSTEIG auf Teller

Roast chicken with bread and Almdammer stuffing

  • Up to 30 min.
  • Normal

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Emmentaler Rezept Käsebrett mit verschiedenen Käsesorten und Butter von GOLDSTEIG, Brot, Dips wie Cashewcreme und Obazda, Gemüse und Obst auf Holzbrett

GOLDSTEIG cheese board

  • Up to 30 min.
  • Normal
  • Vegetarian

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Ricotta Rezept Geschmorte Lammkeule mit Polenta-Ricotta-Kuchen aus Butter, Ricotta und Almdammer von GOLDSTEIG im kleinen Kessel und Kräuter im Bräter

Braised leg of lamb with polenta ricotta pie

  • Up to 30 min.
  • Normal

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Almdammer Rezept Forellen Cordon Bleu mit Almdammer von GOLDSTEIG mit Tomatenkompott, Kräuter und Sahneschaum auf Teller

Cordon bleu trout with Almdammer and tomato compote

  • Over 30 Min.
  • Elaborate

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