Our mild, milky mozzarella

GOLDSTEIG mozzarella is one of the most popular types of cheeses in Germany. Delicious mozzarella is ideal for salads, pizza toppings, oven baked vegetables and gratins or for popular Insalata Caprese. A type of cheese for every occasion!

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Nutty, fine Emmental

Emmental hard cheese from GOLDSTEIG impresses cheese lovers with its mild and nutty, fine flavour and is therefore the perfect type of cheese for a tasty cheese sandwich or savoury snack. Thanks to its nutty flavour, it also adds a special touch, e.g. when cooking meat. A versatile type of cheese!

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Our aromatic, mild Almdammer

Almdammer semi-hard cheese is a Bavarian type of cheese from GOLDSTEIG that is particularly distinguished by its smooth consistency and aromatic, mild flavour. Whether it’s for a sandwich, on its own, to refine dishes when cooking and baking, GOLDSTEIG Almdammer is a type of cheese to be enjoyed.

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Proteinkäse Protinella Kugel von GOLDSTEIG. Mozzarella Eiweiß-Käse mit viel Protein und reduziertem Fettgehalt, ohne Verpackung und angeschnitten mit frischen Salatblättern, Kräutern, Tomatenstücken und Walnüssen

The protein-packed cheese

Protinella from GOLDSTEIG is the cheese for sporty gourmets with 23 percent protein content, low fat – just 2.6 grams per 100 grams – and a milky, mild flavour. At the same time it’s just as versatile as mozzarella.

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Our fresh, creamy mascarpone

GOLDSTEIG mascarpone is the ultimate classic for a perfect tiramisu and impresses with its creamy consistency. Many other desserts and cakes can also be conjured up with GOLDSTEIG mascarpone too though. Be inspired!

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Creamy, mild whey cheese

The ricotta from GOLDSTEIG is a whey cheese that is becoming more and more popular due to its versatility. As a soft whey cheese, ricotta is also ideal for baking cakes or tarts, for delicious desserts, as well as sandwich spreads and cannelloni, tortellini and ravioli fillings and in general for refining dishes.

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Our intensive Limburger

The GOLDSTEIG Limburger is a very popular type of cheese that is perfect for sandwiches. It tastes good on its own, with onions or in savoury salads. This spicy, piquant soft cheese with red smear rind is just as suitable with a slice of bread as a snack as it is for refining cheesy noodles and other dishes.

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Pure, fine butter

We make GOLDSTEIG best quality butter out of fresh milk cream. This gives the butter its fresh flavour and also makes it extremely easy to spread. Our best quality butter is ideal for refining dishes, baking and frying.

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Mozzarella Käsefacts präsentiert vm GOLDSTEIG Käsemeister mit einem Stück Emmentaler in der Goldsteig Käserei

Fascinating facts about cheese!

Presented by the GOLDSTEIG cheese master

Myth or fact?

Do certain types of cheese really close the stomach?

A widely spread myth is that cheese closes the stomach. Is this true? Even in Ancient Rome, the citizens suspected that certain types of cheese can do much more than just taste good. For the Roman author Pliny the Elder, a lovely piece of cheese was essential after a good meal. And he was right!

It has in fact been scientifically provenin the meantime that cheese closes the stomach. The fatty acids and proteins in cheese produce this effect. They have the quality of delaying the emptying of the stomach and therefore leaving you feeling full for longer.

Protein-rich types of cheesein particular, such as Parmesan, Appenzeller or our Goldsteig Emmental are therefore the perfect final course.

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We love cheese!

These are the most popular types of cheeses with the Germans

Tomatenscheiben mit herzförmigen Mozzarella von GOLDSTEIG und Basilikum belegt

Cheese is popular and in fact it is becoming more and more popular! The cheese consumption per head in Germany rose from 22.32 kilograms in 2009 to 24.53 kilograms in 2015.

But not all types of cheeses are as equally in demand. The types of cheeses Gouda, Emmental and mozzarella, are on the podium and hugely popular.

Types of cheeses like Parmesan, Edam and Camembert are ranked four to ten. Generally, it can be said that semi-hard cheese and hard cheese are the most consumed types of cheese.

83.8% of the German population states in 2015 that they eat these types of cheeses at least a few times a month.

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Real protein bombs

These types of cheeses have a particularly high protein and calcium content

When you think about protein and calcium, healthy muscles and strong bones also spring to mind at the same time.

Proteins are incredibly important for building up muscles and should not be missing from a balanced diet. mozzarella, is one of the most protein-rich foods with 18 grams of protein per 100 grams of cheese. By comparison: 100 grams of eggs, which are well-known as a source of protein, have “just” 13 grams of protein.

Besides its protein content, mozzarella, scores with its high calcium content too though. With 731 mg per 100 grams of cheese, mozzarella, is also good for bones and teeth! A real power pack!

Cool cheese

Perfect cheese storage

Mozzarella und Tomaten zu zwei Türmen geschichtet und mit Basilikum garniert

If you want to enjoy your favourite cheese for as long as possible, good storage is crucial.

Cheese is always chilled in the cheese counter, does it therefore have to be chilled at home too? As there are many different types of cheeses, the ideal kind of storage is also always different.

With Emmental the correct refrigeration is crucial. The perfect storage temperature for Emmental is between 2 and 6 degree Celsius. At this temperature, the cheese does not mature too quickly and doesn’t lose any flavour at the same time.

mozzarella, on the other hand is in a brine. Here it is also sensible to store it in this as otherwise it dries out quickly. mozzarella, can be stored fully covered by the brine in the fridge for 24 hours, once opened.