Milchsammelwagen-Fahrer saugt milch aus mobilem Milchtank

Region & farmers

Nativeness, purity and naturalness under Europe’s Green Roof – home to our 3,000 dairy farmers.

Our milk’s catchment area

Our clear commitment to the sustainable use of nature.

"The Green Roof of Europe", that's what Central Europe's largest contiguous forest area is called. Where the Upper Palatinate, Bavarian and Bohemian forests meet, surrounded by rich meadows and almost totally unspoilt forests, that is where all 3,000 GOLDSTEIG farmers are also at home.

Each one of them is totally committed to using nature sustainably and at the same time undertakes to treat the region's raw materials responsibly. It is precisely this personal responsibility that provides the right conditions for the best pure natural milk.

Farmers & entrepreneurs

Our milk suppliers are also the owners of the dairy.

 The GOLDSTEIG farmers are also not just responsible for producing our specialities but they also significantly contribute to our business decisions. As a strong, committed community they not only identify with the region but also feel a close loyalty to the company.

Milchsammelwagen von GOLDSTEIG

From Bavaria all over the world.

The advantages the "Green Roof of Europe" offers with its nativeness, purity and naturalness do not just benefit people in the region. In fact, the GOLDSTEIG dairies feel committed to ensuring that as many gourmets as possible, both national and international, benefit from the region's uniqueness as well as the quality of its raw materials.