Käse hauchdünn von GOLDSTEIG in einer Hand

Naturalness & responsibility

No genetic engineering, no use of glyphosate and “Natural direct from farmers”. With a sense of responsibility towards people and the environment.

Ohne Gentechnik in Kreislauf Grafik von GOLDSTEIG

No genetic engineering.

GOLDSTEIG brand products have carried the “No genetic engineering” seal since 2012. "No genetic engineering" means that our certified cooperative farmers meet all the legal requirements. No genetically modified animal feed, no genetically modified plants. As a result the various naturally grown species are preserved in the long-term and natural products result from the raw material of milk in gentle production processes.

Natural direct from farmers


Responsibility towards people and the environment.

Sustainable farming, the careful use of resources, avoiding unnecessary packaging and long transport are just as important to GOLDSTEIG. This not only guarantees reduced pollutant emissions but also that all GOLDSTEIG products are totally fresh. Besides our social, economic, ecological and quality commitments we have also set ourselves clear targets to reduce energy consumption and avoid & minimise negative environmental impact. We are aware that our business significantly affects the energy balance. It is therefore our duty, from our joint responsibility towards people and the environment, to reduce energy consumption to a minimum using sophisticated, efficient processes and to actively contribute to climate protection and conserving resources through improvements within the company.

Energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

The systematic energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 is a worldwide valid certification standard. It has proved to be an effective tool in saving on energy consumption and costs as well as reducing greenhouse gases and other environmental pollution.

  • The use of energy in production is to be gradually minimised by continuous improvement processes.
  • A regular comparison of individual consumers using continuous measurements and random sampling should identify any irregularities.
  • The production of high quality dairy products is continuously analysed for potential energy savings.
  • Technical refits in drive technology, ventilation, lighting etc. are always based on the latest technology.
  • The most environmentally-friendly steam and heat production possible should continuously reduce heat-related emissions.
  • The management is committed to clearly defining the responsibilities for production plant concerns and reserves the right to check technical production data at regular intervals.

GOLDSTEIG Käsereien Bayerwald GmbH evidenced the rational use of energy as part of a certification audit in June 2012 and that an energy management system (EMS) has been successfully introduced and is being applied in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 50001. This certification is valid for all three businesses (Cham, Plattling and Tittling).


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Environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001

ISO 14001 focuses on a continuous improvement process as a means to achieve defined objectives relating to an organisation’s environmental performance.

  • Plan: Define objectives and processes to ensure the organisation’s environmental policy is implemented.
  • Do: Implement the processes.
  • Check: Monitor the processes with regard to legal and other requirements and the organisation’s environmental policy targets; publish the environmental performance (the organisation’s success in terms of environmental protection measures), if applicable.
  • Optimize: If necessary, the processes have to be amended (adapted).

GOLDSTEIG’s objectives: to reduce emissions, waste and waste water, to handle resources in a targeted way, to decrease environmental impacts, to promote environmentally conscious behaviour in staff, to achieve the set environmental targets, to continuously improve the environmental performance.


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