Landschaft mit Wald und Wiesen

Natural. Modern. Bavarian.

GOLDSTEIG offers a variety of exclusive cheese specialities from Bavaria.

GOLDSTEIG only processes pure natural milk from an ecologically and geographically preferred region: the Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest.

GOLDSTEIG'S milk suppliers are also the owners of the dairy. They identify with the company and the quality of the products for which they stand.

GOLDSTEIG produces in one of Europe's most modern dairies.

All GOLDSTEIG products are produced taking into account the latest nutritional physiological knowledge.

Milchsammelwagen-Fahrer saugt milch aus mobilem Milchtank

All for the region. The region for all.

Nativeness, purity and naturalness under the Green Roof of Europe – home to our 3,000 dairy farmers.

Region & farmers

Teil des Unternehmenssitzes in Cham

Good is not good enough for us.

Premium Bavarian products and state-of-the art production processes stand for the utmost indulgence and guaranteed quality.

Quality & awards

Hauchdünne Käse-Scheibe von GOLDSTEIG wird in der Hand gehalten

Natural tastes best.

No genetic engineering and “Natural direct from farmers”. With a sense of responsibility towards people and the environment.

Naturalness & responsibility

Logo GOLDSTEIG Käsespezialitäten, im Hintergrund Landschaft mit Wald und Wiesen

The company, facts and figures.

Our company history, management, GOLDSTEIG sites and detailed information.