Mozzarella Classic Kugel von GOLDSTEIG mit Tomate und Basilikum. Laktose <1,5% und vegetarisch

Mozzarella Ball, 125 g

The classic ball impresses with its pleasantly mild taste combined with a subtle sweet, milky flavour. It is perfect for delicious salads and for mouth-watering main dishes. Convince yourself of its variety!

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Mozzarella Light Kugel von GOLDSTEIG mit Tomate und Basilikum. Laktose <1,5% und vegetarisch

Light Mozzarella Ball, 125 g

The ideal alternative for health-conscious people who do not want to compromise on full flavour. In delicious starters or savoury main dishes – the light version is always the right choice!

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Bambini Mini Mozzarella

Bambini Mini Mozzarella, 125 g

These small, fine mini balls are not just extremely mild in flavour, they are also ideal for quickly making sophisticated dishes. So be inspired by our Bambinis and create your own Bambini cocktail!

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Bambini Mozzarella Mini Light von GOLDSTEIG mit Tomaten und Basilikum. Laktose <1,5% und vegetarisch.

Bambini Mini Light Mozzarella, 125 g

The mild light Bambini have half the fat and considerably less calories and the subtle sweet flavour at the same time. These delicious mini balls are ideal for fresh salads, antipasti and small snacks.

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Mozzarella Scheiben von GOLDSTEIG mit Tomaten, Zucchini und Basilikum. Vegetarisch

Mozzarella Slices, 2 x 250 g

These practical slices are perfect for making sandwiches or the popular classic with tomatoes. With their ideal size, they are portioned so they can be used versatilely right from the start.

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Mozzarella gerieben von GOLDSTEIG mit Tomate und Basilikum. Laktose <1,5% und Vegetarisch.

Grated Mozzarella, 200 g

Whether it’s pizza, pasta or delicious sauces – the grated version can also be used versatilely thanks to the way it melts perfectly. Making it an uncomplicated all-rounder with the typical mozzarella flavour.

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Mozzarella Käsefacts präsentiert vm GOLDSTEIG Käsemeister mit einem Stück Emmentaler in der Goldsteig Käserei

Fascinating facts about mozzarella!

Presented by our GOLDSTEIG cheese master

Rich in protein and calcium

Mozzarella has an extremely high calcium and protein content

Mozzarella Kugel von GOLDSTEIG wird auf Holzbrett in Scheiben geschnitten. Tomate und Basilikum im Hintergrund.

When you think about protein and calcium, healthy muscles and strong bones also spring to mind at the same time. Proteins are incredibly important for building up muscles and therefore should not be missing from a balanced diet.

mozzarella, with 45% fat in dry matter is one of the very protein-rich foods with 18 grams of protein per 100 grams of cheese. By comparison: 100 grams of eggs, which are well-known as a source of protein, have “just” 13 grams of protein.

Besides its protein content, it scores with its high calcium content too though – the version with 45% fat in dry matter contains approx. 400 mg per 100 grams of cheese.

“Spun paste”

Mozzarella is a so-called filata cheese

Italenischer Pizzabäcker mit Pizza in weißem Kittel mit rotem Halstuch macht OK-Zeichen

“Formaggio a pasta filata” – this name sounds like pure Italy, it is too! Translated the name more or less means “cheese with spun paste”goes really well with this. And the name says it all! With its typical production process, pasta filata is namely kneaded, stirred and pulled.

As they are scalded with approximately 80 degrees Celsius hot water once they’ve acidified, they belong to the type of “scalded cheeses”. Besides mozzarella, provolone also belongs to the pasta filata type of cheesegoes really well with this.

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An all-time record

There’s more than 2,000 kg of mozzarella on the longest pizza in the world

Die längste Pizza der Welt auf einer Karte von Italien mit einer Pinnnadel auf Neapel

When it comes to pizza, you could say the place is already predetermined. In beautiful Italy, to be more precise in Naples, roughly 250 pizza makers gathered from all over the world to make the longest pizza in the world. And a good pizza naturally cannot do without mozzarella!

Roughly 2,000 kg of this cheese were used for the 1,853.88 metre long pizza. Once it was finished, aid organisations and passers-by were able to enjoy the pizza.


How mozzarella cheese is made

Mozzarella-Käse von GOLDSTEIG mit Tomate und Basilikum

The name mozzarella, comes from the Italian word “mozzare”, which roughly means “to cut off cleanly”. This cutting is based on a special production process, which also results in the fibrous structure.

For this, milk is heated up until it turns into curd. It then has hot water poured over it, it is scalded, resulting in a mass that is easy to mould. This paste is finally pulled, kneaded and then cut.

The typical balls are then shaped out of this cheese paste. For it to then become lovely and firm, it is placed in cold water first and then in the typical brine.

Frau steht mit Schürze in der Küche und hebt gerade den Topfdeckel an. Auf der Arbeitsfläche sieht man geschnittene Tomaten liegen.

Andreas Meier recommends!

Surprise your friends and family with these exceptional Mozzarella recipes, created exclusively by our herb chef Andreas Meier goes really well with this. You can find even more delicious recipes here:

Mozzarella recipes

Mozzarella Rezept Blattsalat mit in Passionsfruchtdressing eingelegtem Mozzarella und Mandeln kreiert von GOLDSTEIG auf Teller

Green salad with mozzarella marinated in passion fruit dressing

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian

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Mozzarella Rezept Schokoladenlollies mit Bambini Mozzarella Mini von GOLDSTEIG und Amarettinis auf Stäbchen

Chocolate lollies with Bambini Mini Mozzarella and Amarettinis

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian

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Almdammer Rezept Mit Almdammer und Bambini Mozzarella Mini mit Kräuter von GOLDSTEIG gefüllte Champignon mit Kräuter, Erdbeeren und Kürbiskerne auf Holzbrett

Mushrooms stuffed with Almdammer and Bambini Mini Mozzarella

  • Up to 15 min.
  • Simple
  • Vegetarian

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