Melt in the middle chocolate cake with mascarpone and dark beer

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Frau steht mit Schürze in der Küche und hebt gerade den Topfdeckel an. Auf der Arbeitsfläche sieht man geschnittene Tomaten liegen.

Chocolate with a twist!

“With this mascarpone recipe I have tried to create something new. Obviously, everyone is familiar with chocolate cake but Mascarpone adds a certain oomph to it here! As a flavour carrier, Mascarponemakes the chocolate flavour even more intensive. The Mascarpone as a flavour carrier also makes it possible to use low-fat dark chocolate. The liquid centre also provides a certain wow effect. The recipe is made in the cast iron pot again, the so-called “Dutch oven”. This is ideal here as the moisture cannot escape as quickly due to its lid. Thanks to the Dutch oven the dish can even be made on the barbecue! Ideal for a delicious dessert after a juicy steak!”

About the chef


  1. GOLDSTEIG Butter and chocolate over a bain marie. Mix the sugar and egg and then mix this with the chocolate butter.
  2. Slowly stir the flour and GOLDSTEIG Mascarpone, in and fill the mixture into the previously buttered Dutch oven (cast iron cooking pot) or cups.
  3. In cups: bake in the oven at 200°C for about 12 minutes. In the Dutch oven, 4.5 size: bake in the oven at 200°C for 30-40 minutes or with indirect heat on a kettle barbecue at 200°C for 40 minutes.

Tip: Prepare the mixture and freeze portions in cups. Bake frozen for about 15 minutes. The smaller the baking mould, the shorter the baking time.


For 12 people:

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Mascarpone Rezept Schokoladenkuchen mit Mascarpone und Butter von GOLDSTEIG, Flüssigkern und Dunkelbier auf Teller
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