Teller mit Käse von GOLDSTEIG der den Magen abschließt wird mit Messer und Gabel gegessen

Does cheese really close the stomach?

We get to the bottom of this ancient myth and provide answers.

Wasserbild des Schriftstellers Plinius Zitat das Käse den Magen schließt ist richtig

“Once the body is at rest, I [cheese] close the stomach.”

From a treatise by the Roman author Pliny the Elder

Gaius Plinius Secundus was a Roman scholar, officer and procurator. And on the side: a very special cheese lover. A wonderful piece of cheese was essential after a successful meal – not just due to the taste! He attributed cheese with a literal “closing effect” and even devoted several lines to this finding in his treatises. The origin of this famous quote is assumed to probably be from here. But is it actually correct?

Mozzarella Käsefacts präsentiert vm GOLDSTEIG Käsemeister mit einem Stück Emmentaler in der Goldsteig Käserei

The saying is basically true

The perception of feeling full can actually be substantiated.

Naturally cheese does not literally close the stomach but it does actually help prevent you from feeling hungry again. The fats and fatty acids in it stimulate the production of hormones for digestion. This delays digestion so the food remains in the stomach for longer, sustaining the feeling of fullness for much longer.

Teller mit Dessert aus Käse das den Magen abschließt

Our tip: delicious desserts with cheese!