The 10 most delicious salad tips for 2018!

Upgrade your salad!

Be full up for a long time with the right side dish.

Salad is rich in vitamin C and iron, tastes delicious and doesn’t have many calories. For example, a lettuce has just 11 calories per 100 g. It consists of a great deal of water and is therefore not very filling if eaten on its own. Our tip: pimp up your salad with Bambini Mozzarella, low-fat meat like turkey strips or fish.

Vegetables meet salad.

Bambini salad with vegetable pesto

Delicious mozzarella and healthy vitamins in one dish, quick and easy to prepare.

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Submerge yourself slicing onions!

Tips and tricks against crying

How can you avoid crying when slicing onions? We have put together a few tips for you: put on diving goggles, use a sharp knife, light a candle, chomp on chewing gum or have a sip of water in your mouth, place the onions in cold water when slicing them or put the onions in the freezer compartment beforehand.

Sour makes you happy!

Bambini Mini Mozzarella salad with lime dressing

The fresh flavour of limes goes perfectly with the mild GOLDSTEIG Mozzarella. Simply give it a try and enjoy it!

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For a more exotic salad.

Mozzarella marinated in passion fruit dressing

How about a fruity dressing with mild mozzarella? You will be surprised how well they go together!

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Salad days!

It’s all about the dressing

The classic is a vinaigrette made from oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Dressings with mayonnaise or yoghurt also go well with iceberg salad and chicory though. Berries, sherry or nuts go with lamb’s lettuce. Important: Pour the dressing over the salad just before eating it. This leaves the salad wonderfully crisp.

Does your green stuff wilt quickly?

How to keep your salad fresh for longer

It’s best to remove prepared salad from the plastic packaging, line the inside of the packaging with kitchen roll and then put the salad back in the packaging. The salad’s moisture is then absorbed by the paper and the other leaves stay dry. A lettuce is usually cheaper and fresher than a packed bag of salad. The fresher a salad is, the healthier it is.

Make your own salad!

Your own vitamin filling station on the balcony.

It doesn’t get fresher than this! Even if you don’t have your own garden, you can really easily plant salad on the balcony yourself. Flat, large trays are ideal for lettuce. They are easy to look after and individual salad leaves can be picked. The lettuce can constantly regrow and you are supplied with crispy salad for a long time.

A classic with a twist.

Tomato salad with Bambini

Why not try a new version with tomatoes and mozzarella instead of caprese. Pepped up with ricotta, mascarpone and cashew kernels, you enjoy a new delicious dish.

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Simply healthy and delicious!

Pepper, carrot and courgette salad

Why always lettuce or tomatoes? Try out vitamin power and Bambini Mozzarella!

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