Fine cheese specialities for a whole variety of indulgence.

A cosy picnic at home or a delicious cold snack after sport – Bavaria’s fine cheese is always the right accompaniment!

For a delicious salad

Tomato and mozzarella or a crispy salad? Any salad tastes even better with GOLDSTEIG Mozzarella .

Salad tips

For a fine cold snack

Work is finally over! The nutty, mild GOLDSTEIG Emmental is perfect for a cold snack at home or “Brotzeit” in a beer garden.

Brotzeit tips

For real barbecue fans

What would barbecuing be without salads? The delicious GOLDSTEIG Bambini Mozzarella make every salad the ideal barbecue side dish.

Barbecue tips

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GOLDSTEIG Protinella - der Proteinkäse ähnlich Mozzarella - mit viel Protein und wenig Fett

The delicious protein treat for active sporty types!

The new cheese à la pasta filata.

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