The 10 coolest barbecue tips for 2018!

Egg boxes make a great fire!

Try this firelighter out!

Put egg boxes together and place them in the barbecue. Place charcoal in the top barbecue box and then light the boxes with a long match. The dry cardboard burns slowly so that the heat is distributed evenly.

Turning your barbecue into a wood-fired oven!

A delicious alternative to the oven

Besides a barbecue, you ideally need a pizza stone so that the pizza base does not burn. This should be on the grill rack for at least 10 minutes before you put the pizza on it. Alternatively, you can also use heat-resistant ovenware or a flat iron frying pan.

The best thing about barbecuing? The salads!

Tomato salad with cashew and ricotta marinade

What would barbecuing be without side dishes?! Your loved ones will be impressed with this easy but really delicious salad.

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Happy Hour!

Cocktail with Bambini Mini Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes stick

Surprise your guests with an unusual cocktail!

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Ham meets mozzarella!

Mozzarella larded with smoked ham

Two flavours that get on really well: the mild mozzarella flavour and tasty smoked ham go together perfectly.

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Don’t forget the vitamins!

Pepper, carrot and courgette salad

Look forward to a healthy, vitamin-packed barbecue side dish that also tasted really good.

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Pimp up your bread!

Pull-apart cheese bread with Almdammer and Emmental

Try out this vegetarian barbecue side dish! It’s easy and quick to make and vegetarian too.

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Stuffed mushrooms.

Enjoy our vegetarian barbecue recipes!

Try out this delicious combination of mushrooms, GOLDSTEIG cheese and strawberries! The slightly different side dish to go with the barbecue platter.

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Your flower pot can barbecue!

No barbecue? Then take a flower pot!

Line the inside with aluminium foil – the hole should be perforated so air can get in. Place a firelighter at the bottom and the charcoal on top until the flower pot is full. Make sure that air can get in from underneath (e.g. place the flower pot on a grill rack, light it from underneath and wait until the charcoal is glowing. It’s now best to barbecue using skewers.

Why not barbecue your dessert!

Fruit is becoming more and more popular with barbecues.

Simply place a banana including skin on the not too hot grill rack. The banana is ready once the skin has turned black. Slice it open with a knife and pour chocolate over the sauce or add ice cream, to suit your taste.