Dairy technologist

We have been successfully offering the dairy technologist qualification for several years. We currently have 13 young people completing their vocational training to be a dairy technologist here.

Tasks and activities

Our dairy technologists control and monitor the production processes in milk processing and make a whole variety of dairy and cheese products. Their responsibilities range from receiving the raw milk, to production using state of the art plants and machinery, to packaging and dispatching the finished products. During the vocational training at our businesses you spend time in the individual production areas based on a set training plan. The training is practically-based and qualifies you to carry out the individual production processes independently in your third training year. You are supported at all times by experienced trainers.

Training starts on

1 August or 1 September every year in Cham


Trainee allowance

The allowance is based on the dairy industry's collective wage agreement in Bavaria and is currently:

1. First training year EUR 949.00

2. Second training year EUR 1,067.00

3. Third training year EUR 1,210.00


Good results from secondary school, where particular weight is given to mathematical subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry) in the selection of applicants. Suitability/Interests and willingness to handle the perishable raw material milk carefully, a special appreciation of food, basic understanding of technical, biological and chemical/physical processes, enjoys working with state of the art technology and plant control systems.

Basic training plan

Report on experiences by a former trainee

After I finished secondary school I started my qualification to become a dairy technologist at GOLDSTEIG dairies. During my three years of training I learnt about the production of dairy products, specifically mozzarella cheese, and also the treatment of cheese while maturing, as well as details about storage. I also gained insight into the investigation of milk and dairy products. Having completed my vocational training and several months of professional experience I decided to acquire the advanced vocational college certificate at the upper vocational college and I am currently studying food technology at a university of applied sciences. In my opinion, the vocational training at GOLDSTEIG is very varied and extensive. The trainers were always there to listen if the trainees had any questions and problems, the working atmosphere is exceptionally good.

Options for further professional training

Pathways to become a dairy technologist, master, engineer

Dairy technologists are skilled workers who are not only in demand in the milk processing industry but also throughout the entire food industry. If suitable, you can aim to further train as a dairy master and beyond that you can then qualify as a dairy engineer.