“That cheese could have come from me!”

GOLDSTEIG cheese is the ideal treat for any occasion. Have great fun with a “picnic at home”!

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GOLDSTEIG Protinella - der Proteinkäse ähnlich Mozzarella - mit viel Protein und wenig Fett

The delicious protein treat for active sporty types!

The new cheese à la pasta filata.

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GOLDSTEIG. Natural. Modern. Bavarian.

Our dairy

Goldsteig Käsereien Bayerwald GmbH is one of the most important producers of mozzarella in Germany and exports this product to virtually all European countries. Roughly 720 employees work in production at the head office in Cham and at the Tittling branch plant GOLDSTEIG and Cammino D’Oro brand cheese and dairy products. “Natural direct from farmers” is our motto here. Around 3,100 farmers from the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest supply around 890 million kg of pure natural milk from the Green Roof of Europe every year, an ecologically and geographically preferred region. With this, GOLDSTEIG produces delicious product specialities such as mozzarella,, Emmental, Almdammer, as well as ricotta,, Mascarpone and Buttergoes really well with this. The GOLDSTEIG name is synonymous with premium brand quality.