Dairy laboratory assistant

We have been successfully offering the dairy laboratory assistant qualification for several years. We currently have 7 young people completing their vocational training here.

Tasks and activities

Our dairy laboratory assistants operate laboratory equipment and ICT systems, select and take samples. You carry out chemical, physical and microbiological investigations of milk, dairy products in all production stages, as well as water, waste water, air and packaging materials. You analyse, evaluate and document your investigation results. Your workplace is mainly the laboratory. You also spend time in the production halls taking samples and monitoring processes. During your training at our businesses you learn all the knowledge and skills for this profession based on a set training plan. Experienced trainers are always there to support you. The training is practically-based and qualifies you to carry out the individual analysis processes independently in your third training year.

Training starts on

1 August or 1 September every year in Cham


Duration/Working hours

The training takes three years. This may be shortened by six months under certain circumstances (e.g. advanced vocational college certificate). Most of your training takes place at the training company. You receive detailed knowledge about the raw material milk and its composition, knowledge about industrial dairy engineering, detailed knowledge about the chemical, physical and microbiological analysis processes for milk and dairy products, handling with laboratory chemicals and micro-organism cultures, knowledge about food regulations and quality assurance. The theoretical training in the business is supported by lessons at the vocational college that take place in courses of several weeks at the Staatliche Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Milchwirtschaft und Molkereiwesen in Triesdorf. In addition, the knowledge learnt so far is consolidated and extra skills are taught during the external training courses over several weeks in Triesdorf. Once you have completed your qualification you will work in alternate shifts. Working at the weekend and on public holidays is also usual.

Trainee allowance

The allowance is based on the dairy industry's collective wage agreement in Bavaria and is currently:

1. First training year EUR 949.00

2. Second training year EUR 1,067.00

3. Third training year EUR 1,210.00


Good results from secondary school, where particular weight is given to mathematical and science subjects in the selection of applicants.


Basic understanding of technical, biological and chemical/physical processes (good grades in maths, physics, chemistry), enjoys working with state of the art technology and data processing. Sensory awareness.

Basic training plan

Report on experiences by a former trainee

After I finished secondary school I started my qualification to become a dairy laboratory assistant at GOLDSTEIG dairies. I learnt to investigate milk and dairy products from the incoming raw materials to the finished end product. At the end of my training I was able to work independently analytically, critically assess my analysis results and identify any deviations in the composition and quality of food. I would like to especially mention the collegiate conduct among staff, their full support during training and the good rapport with the trainer.

Prospects after qualifying

Once you have completed your vocational training you are not only a professional in demand in the milk processing industry but also in many other areas, e.g. in the food and luxury food industry, the pharmaceutical industry or research and development.