Mechatronics engineer

We have been offering the mechatronics engineer qualification since September 2000. We currently have 3 young people completing this vocational training.

Tasks and activities

As a mechatronics engineer you process materials manually and mechanically and assemble mechanical, electro-mechanical, electric and electronic components into mechatronics systems. You assemble the components and system parts produced and commission the plants. This also includes the measuring and testing of systems and components. You also carry out maintenance on the machinery and plants. During your training at our businesses you learn all the knowledge and skills for this profession based on a set training plan. Experienced trainers are always there to support you. The training is practically-based and qualifies you to carry out the individual work of a skilled engineer in your fourth training year.

Training starts on

1 August or 1 September every year in Cham


Duration/Working hours

The training takes 3 1/2 years. It takes place during the day within usual working hours at the businesses. The vocational college lessons take place in classes at the vocational further education college in Cham once or twice a week. Once you have completed your qualification you work during usual business working hours, i.e. also in shifts as well as at weekends and on public holidays.

Trainee allowance

The allowance is based on the dairy industry's collective wage agreement in Bavaria and is currently:

1. First training year EUR 949.00

2. Second training year EUR 1,067.00

3. Third training year EUR 1,210.00

4. Fourth training year EUR 1,363.00


Good results from secondary school, where particular weight is given to mathematical subjects in the selection of applicants.


An aptitude for technical, manual work, exact, analytical thinking, an interest in electrical engineering, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, data processing, a good ability to grasp new tasks and learn.

Basic training plan

Report on experiences by a former trainee

After I finished secondary school I started my qualification to become a mechatronics engineer at GOLDSTEIG dairies in September 2000. I really enjoyed the vocational training as the profession offers plenty of variety. I learnt to assemble and maintain complex machines, plants and systems. A whole variety of different systems and professional trainers enabled me to complete my training successfully.

Options for further professional training

Besides special further training courses and seminars in your field you can also complete the masters examination or engineering examination. There is also the chance of studying to be a graduate engineer once you have the advanced vocational college certificate.