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Launched as a joint venture between the company GOLDSTEIG Käserei Plattling eG and the Cham dairy cooperative in 1992, GOLDSTEIG Käsereien Bayerwald GmbH has since developed, among other things, into Germany's most popular producer of mozzarella and an exporter to just about every European country.

This rapid rise could only be realised thanks to professionalism and efficiency, combined with premium product quality and total reliability. Since GOLDSTEIG was founded the company has successfully coped with the challenges of the European and international market with flexibility, drive and expansion.

For example, by merging with the Ostbayerische Milchwerken eG in 1998 we were able to add the semi-hard cheese product segment and GOLDSTEIG was able to integrate the Straubing dairy cooperative in 2000. Thanks to GOLDSTEIG's efficiency and ambition, the product range today includes mozzarella, Emmental, semi-hard cheese, Limburger as well as butter, ricotta and mascarpone.

A fully automated hard and semi-hard cheese dairy was set up in Cham in 2006, which meets the highest quality requirements and standards. A computer-controlled automatic high bay warehouse not only provides for optimal storage and commissioning, but also ensures that the GOLDSTEIG products always arrive fresh at customers.

Dipl. Kfm. Andreas Kraus
Administration Senior ManagerSales Senior ManagerProduction Senior Manager
Dipl. Ing. Alexander SternJosef WagnerDipl. Ing. Uwe Grünemeyer
Chair of the Supervisory BoardVice Chair of the Supervisory Board
Josef VielreicherHubert Gastinger
Supervisory Board
Joseph FischerAlois PohmerThomas DendorferDaniel Mikolasevic
Chair of the Shareholders' Committee Vice Chair of the Shareholders' Committee
Josef VielreicherHubert Gastinger
Shareholders' Committee
Members from ChamMembers from PassauMembers from PlattlingMembers from Straubing
Thomas FrankHubert GastingerJoseph FischerJosef Vielreicher
Josef KlimmerFranz HaslböckHubert RagerJohann Paukner
Alois PohmerJosef Scholler
Shareholders' Meeting
Members from ChamMembers from PassauMembers from PlattlingMembers from Straubing
Josef Scherr (Spokesperson)Josef Manzenberger (Spokesperson)Franz Schwaiger (Spokesperson)Josef Neundlinger (Spokesperson)
Erzeugergemeinschaft Molkereigenossenschaft Cham eGOstbayerische Milchwerke eGGOLDSTEIG Käserei Plattling eGMilchwerk Straubing eG
Management BoardManagement BoardManagement BoardManagement Board
Alois Pohmer (Chair)Hubert Gastinger (Chair)Joseph Fischer (Chair)Josef Vielreicher (Chair)
Thomas Frank (Vice Chair)Josef Scholler (Vice Chair)Fritz Wittmann (Vice Chair)Johann Paukner (Vice Chair)
Michael AttenbergerMichael LangLudwig AlmerFranz Huber
Wilhelm Roland
Supervisory BoardSupervisory BoardSupervisory BoardSupervisory Board
Josef Klimmer (Chair)Franz Haslböck (Chair)Hubert Rager (Chair)Josef Neundlinger (Chair)
Josef Scherr (Vice Chair)Johann Kellermann (Vice Chair)Franz Schwaiger (Vice Chair)Franz Gahr (Vice Chair)
Franz-Josef BrandlFranz JungwirthMichael BinderAdolf Buchecker
Georg JobstFlorian KernFranz Weber Michael Landstorfer
Stefan KastlRobert Koller Johannes Zimmermann
Josef KienbergerJosef Krügl
Alois SchambeckJosef Maier
Josef Manzenberger
Johann Seidl