Mozzarella Rezepte präsentiert von Kräuterkoch Andreas Meier in seiner Küche

Andreas Meier - our creative herb chef

Regionalism, nature and variety are particularly important to him when creating the exclusive GOLDSTEIG cheese recipes.

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Unterschrift von Koch Andreas Meier mit bunten Pfefferkörner


Andreas Meier refined his cooking skills at the best establishments in Eastern Bavaria over 20 years. He laid the foundation by qualifying as a chef at the “Seeschmied” hotel and restaurant in Muschenried. This was followed by positions at Kempinski Hotel Airport München and the Michelin-starred “Historisches Eck” restaurant in Regensburg.

At Burg Wernberg he shaped all facets of the multiple award-winning cuisine there as the Chef Tournant. He was the force behind the good reputation of the “Lobster” gourmet restaurant at Hotel Admira in Weiden/Upper Palatinate as the sous-chef for many years and his creativity in the kitchen and exacting quality standards were also highly valued at the “Eisvogel” restaurant in Hotel Birkenhof Hofenstetten. The native Oberviechtacher also impressed his guests with first-class tasty treats as the chef at “Grader” restaurant in Neustadt an der Waldnaab, at “Mazellus” in Weiden/Upper Palatinate and at the Goldene Zeit organic and herb hotel in Hinterbrünst near Georgenberg.

The chef born in Pullenried made a name for himself with a TV series about wild herbs on the regional channel Oberpfalz TV and he has also appeared on the “ARD Mittagsbuffet” and the “Gradwanderung” programme on SWR. His cooking book “Kochen mit Wildkräutern” (Christian Verlag, Munich) was published in 2008 and awarded with the GAD Silver medal at the book fair in Frankfurt am Main.

Regionalism, nature and variety are particularly important to the family father of two, which he why he added another culinary highlight to northern Upper Palatinate with the herb cooking school in Pullenried in July 2011.

Seven questions for Andreas Meier

A good day at work begins ...?

... with a good cup of coffee and buying fresh food, grown locally in the region.

What is the most fun thing about your job?

The interaction with our guests in the cooking school and the creative way the food is prepared and cooked. Which is absolutely in keeping with the slogan “We are giving food back its soul”

In what country would you like to live and why?

Whoever knows the Grüne Gut and its location, knows exactly why we want to stay.

What goals have you set for your position?

Developing great dishes using Goldsteig products, which are easy to recreate at home and taste delicious.

How do you relax in your free time?

Family, friends and good food ... and fishing ...

When do you turn off your mobile phone?

Unfortunately only when I am just about to go to bed.

What role does milk play in your life?

Milk and dairy products are a large integral part of our dishes.
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More about Andreas Meier

Find out everything about his life, his various cooking courses and a very special kind of rustic barbecue hut on his website. Have fun!

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