Production and consumption

What kind of rennet is used in your cheese?

The rennet coagulation enzyme is used when producing rennet to thicken milk. Rennet used to mainly be extracted from calves’ stomaches. Nowadays, enzymes produced by microorganisms are often used. Only microbial rennet that is also suitable for vegetarians is used with all the cheese (mozzarella,, hard cheese,, Semi-hard cheese and soft cheese,) produced by GOLDSTEIG.

Perfect for lacto-vegetarians

With the V-Label, GOLDSTEIG was one of the first dairies in Germany to respond to the consumer’s wish for pure vegetarian cheese products. It if often difficult for consumers to see whether a cheese is really vegetarian. They want the best flavour, clear transparency and high safety with the production of cheese products. GOLDSTEIG wants to guarantee this with the certification.

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