What does… actually mean?

“Naturally lactose-free”?

There are people who suffer from an intolerance to milk and dairy products. The reason for this is the lactose contained in milk. This intolerance varies greatly among sufferers. As a result, even the consumption of small amounts of lactose leads to problems with some people, while others can tolerate it to a very reasonable extent. It is only in the rarest of cases that you have to refrain completely from consuming dairy products. It is important to know your personal tolerance threshold to be able to enjoy dairy products as an important supplier of calcium.

Emmentaler laktosefrei - von Natur aus - GOLDSTEIG

Take note of the lactose content

We voluntarily specify our products’ lactose content on many of our GOLDSTEIG cheese specialities’ packages as guidance for people who suffer from a lactose intolerance. With the maturing of hard cheese,, Semi-hard cheese and soft cheese, the lactose is degraded to such an extent that the lactose content in the end product is less than 0.1%. Therefore many people who suffer from this so-called lactose intolerance can safely eat these types of cheeses and do not have to do without the treat of our Emmental (hard cheese), Almdammer (semi-hard cheese) and our Limburger soft cheese.

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