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Many people suffer from an intolerance to milk and dairy products as a result of the lactose they contain. The extent of the lactose intolerance varies from person to person. While even the smallest amounts of consumed lactose lead to problems in some affected people, an intolerance is within reasonable limits with other people. Only a few people affected have to completely do without any dairy products that contain lactose.

Mozzarella Laktose - Laktosegehalt < 1,5 % - GOLDSTEIG

Take note of the lactose content

In order to not have to unnecessarily go without dairy products, which are an important supplier of calcium in your diet, everyone should find out their own personal tolerance threshold. We therefore voluntarily specify our products’ lactose content on many of our GOLDSTEIG cheese specialities’ packages as guidance for people who suffer from a lactose intolerance. One example: GOLDSTEIG Mozzarella Ball, 125 g: Lactose content <1.5 g per 100 g mozzarella.

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