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“Awarded by SGS Institut Fresenius”?

This quality seal is how the SGS Institut Fresenius documents outstanding efforts for quality and safety. 12 of the most popular brand products GOLDSTEIG were awarded with the quality seal from SGS Institut Fresenius in 2017 as a result of the GOLDSTEIG quality promise, which states: “GOLDSTEIG brand products meet the highest quality standards and are made out of genuine Bavarian milk. As we only want the best for our environment, our dairy cows are not given any animal feed from overseas.” This quality seal emphasises the regional aspect and offers the consumer guidance and transparency with the daily shop.

Logo der SGS Fresenius GmbH mit den Siegelinhalten "Hergestellt aus bayerischer Milch" und "Unsere Kühe erhalten kein Futter aus Übersee"

How to benefit from the seal of quality

The SGS quality seal is an additional guarantee for our products’ high quality. The product control requirements that are commended with this seal far exceed the statutory requirements. Compliance with the requirements is checked continuously by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

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